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Hand y Machine Knitting

Welcome to the Hand y Machine Knitting podcast.

Whether you knit fast or slow, you'll find a new episode each month to inspire and motivate you to get some knitting done!

Dec 15, 2017

Merry Christmas to you and I wish you a happy and healthy new year!

Rant and Rave
Rant: My front loading washing machine smells - Ew!
Rave: Shake your hands after washing to reduce waste. TED talk here.

2018 Events
February 16-17 Knitting Pipeline Retreat in Washington, IL
April 7-8 Yarn Con, Chicago, IL
April 13-14 40th Annual Spring Fling Peru, IN
April 14-15 Spring Fiber Expo Ann Arbor, MI
May 25-27 Pacifically Passap, Pat Groves at
July 20–21 30th Annual Monroe Knitting Seminar, Monroe, MI
contact: Cathy Reaume at
August 2-5 Stitches Midwest in Schaumberg, IL
August 15-18 Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan, MI


I indirectly referred to the book Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Find out about the five love languages here.

We have a mostly giftless Christmas. Susan Ager inspired me years ago when she wrote for the Detroit Free Press.

Hand Knitting
Felted Clogs (AC33) pattern for men and women by Beverly Galeska. After two pair in quick succession, my hands ached for stretches recommended by Carson Demers.

Practical and cute headband knit out of Cascade Fixation yarn. I use the techniques out of Modular Knits book by Iris Schreier. I can make one during an episode of Call the Midwife.

Machine Knitting
The warm undershirt project is on-going. I used Garment Designer software to design it with zero ease, raglan sleeves, and a loose one row tuck stitch. The 1RT is a genius idea from Mary Anne Oger.

Socks on the Legare CSM. One with Opal Little Prince and one with Kroy yarn in the carbon colorway.

Build a Mitten by Michelle Goodhand (ridelikethewind on Ravelry).

DL1000 Linker video on YouTube featuring Susan Guagliumi.
Part 1
Part 2

Baked Caramel Corn recipe available by request.

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