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Hand y Machine Knitting

Welcome to the Hand y Machine Knitting podcast.

Whether you knit fast or slow, you'll find a new episode each month to inspire and motivate you to get some knitting done!

Sep 23, 2019

Episode 59 - Curtains!

In the Group page for the podcast, you’ll find upcoming knitting events.
Finger Lakes Machine Knitting Seminar September 27-28 in Courtland, NY
The Great Canadian Crank-in is September 26-29 in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. Information found on Facebook.
The Interknits seminar with Susan Adams October 5-6 at the College of DuPage in Illinois
All Fiber Retreat November 15-16 in Traverse City, Michigan (sorry no website)

Mostly clearing out with my 10 step process:
Step 1: Remove all yarn from the studio (except sock yarn of course).
Step 2: Quick and dirty pass through for easy decisions to discard.
Step 3: Dust and clean. Find lost items.
Step 4: Coned yarn I’m keeping is entered in Ravelry stash page with bare bones information including weight.
Step 5: Inventory of sock yarn.
Step 6: Evaluate the non-coned yarn.
Step 7: Photography the keepers and update Ravelry.
Step 8: Give away or photograph the yarns to be sold and update Ravelry including prices.
Step 9: Post a Destash notice on Ravelry, post on Facebook marketplace, and the NextDoor app. 
Step 10: Repeat with knitting needles, tools, accessories.

Hand Work
Linen Stitch Scrap Rug - crochet
French Press Felted Slippers
Felted Mocassins
Mohair Ballet Slippers
Red scarf project similar to like this one

Machine Knitting
Woven Curtains

Resources Topics 
Clean and lubricate the yarn mast working bits.

Rant: microwaved tea cools faster
Rave: The Churchill Factor by Boris Johnson is improving my vocabulary. See below for list of words I either wasn’t entirely sure of the definition or words completely unknown to me.

Canning tomato sauce the MAO way.
Don’t bother to sous vide bacon.

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Vocabulary Words

  1. Adjutant
  2. Effete
  3. Counterfactual
  4. Spillikin
  5. Collectivisation
  6. Oculus
  7. Imputing
  8. Revanchism
  9. Subjugation
  10. Parapet
  11. Packeting
  12. Bounder
  13. Tannoy
  14. Knobkerry
  15. Antipodeans
  16. Phalanx
  17. Parapets
  18. Elegiac
  19. Demagogue
  20. Tosser
  21. Brio
  22. Cark
  23. Inveterate
  24. Acolyte
  25. Prang
  26. Billet
  27. Weals
  28. Primogeniture
  29. Apogee
  30. Autodidact
  31. Apocryphal
  32. Mullion
  33. Invective
  34. Panzer
  35. Kepi
  36. Pusillanimous
  37. Geostrategic
  38. Interlocutor
  39. Laconic
  40. Primus inter pares
  41. Quarterdeck
  42. Philippic
  43. emetic
  44. Toff
  45. Bulwark
  46. Weald
  47. filleting
  48. Deviling
  49. Rootling
  50. Excogitated
  51. Marginalia
  52. Coign
  53. kopke
  54. Dervish
  55. Epigram
  56. Depredation
  57. Oubliette
  58. Precept
  59. Vulturine
  60. Syndicalism
  61. Subaltern
  62. Cachinnate
  63. Cerebration
  64. Jape
  65. Peroration
  66. Tautology
  67. Declamations
  68. Circumlocution
  69. Tricolon
  70. Anaphora
  71. Chiasmus
  72. Sophist
  73. Porphyry
  74. Canard
  75. Cozened
  76. Exiguous