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Hand y Machine Knitting

Welcome to the Hand y Machine Knitting podcast.

Whether you knit fast or slow, you'll find a new episode each month to inspire and motivate you to get some knitting done!

Oct 26, 2019

In the Group page for the podcast, you’ll find upcoming knitting events.
Cranky Rodeo November 2 at Heritage Spinning and Weaving in Lake Orion, MI
All Fiber Retreat November 15-16 in Traverse City, Michigan (sorry no website)

Peter Patchis Yarns
My Irish Hiking Jacket

Yarn Inventory Project
Step 1: Remove all yarn from the studio (except sock yarn of course).
Step 2: Quick and dirty pass through for easy decisions to discard.
Step 3: Dust and clean. Find lost items.
Step 4: Coned yarn I’m keeping is entered in Ravelry stash page with bare bones information including weight.
Step 5: Inventory of sock yarn.
Step 6: Evaluate the non-coned yarn.
Step 7: Photography the keepers and update Ravelry.
Step 8: Give away or photograph the yarns to be sold and update Ravelry including prices.
Step 9: Post a Destash notice on Ravelry, post on Facebook marketplace, and the NextDoor app. 
Step 10: Repeat with knitting needles, tools, accessories.

Hand Knitting
Linen Stitch Scrap Rug - crochet
Mohair Ballet Slippers
Kidsilk Haze yarn

Machine Knitting
Brown Cardigan
Hiedi dress pattern by Margaret Heck from KnitWords #32 Spring 2005
Decrease evenly calculator

Principles of Knitting 2012 edition, Chapter 23 pp 455-480
Pamelacruse has a blog with a post about having two tucking needles next to each other. It can be done!

Rant: Exercise and diet troubles
Rave: Five things to do each day

What Would Ruthie Say?
Drink tea! It will make you feel better. Especially Smith brand tea

chicken curry by Chetna
Smitten Kitchen blog

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