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Hand y Machine Knitting

Welcome to the Hand y Machine Knitting podcast.

Whether you knit fast or slow, you'll find a new episode each month to inspire and motivate you to get some knitting done!

Dec 13, 2019

Episode 62 - 2019 Review

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Jojoland Melody sock yarn

Minus five knitting machines and a lot of yarn
On the Plus Side
Tofutsies yarn
Red Heart Heart and Sole sock yarn
Indulgence Silk 6 ply
Mary Lue’s Harmony yarn
Quetzal dress yarn
Lycra (gossamer spandex)
Zozo suit
Passap orange tool
Spike device for making heels and toes
LED circle light
Lycra cone holder (computer mouse pad desk accessory)
CSM travel frame in the map case
Easy Cut thread cutter
Four Corner Cover by Susan Adams
Grace Jacket by Marianne Henio 
Good Neighbor cardigan by Amy Herzog

Hand Knitting 2019
Red scarf project 
Rose Red Beret
Zigzag head band
Ladies Felted House Slippers 
My black slippers 
Felted Moccasins
French Press Felted Slippers
Linen Stitch Scrap Rug

Machine Knitting 2019
Felted Hat on a Bulky
Dominica hiking wrap
Double Mitt Twist mittens for the CSM
Double Mitt Twist Flatbed mittens
Polar Vortex Mitts
Tuck Striped Dishcloth
Baby Bunny Hat
Little Green Cardi
No show socks
Grace Top
Irish Hiking Jacket 
four curtain panels
mohair boucle cardigan
Double thick slippers 
My machine knitted slippers
Winter Scarf for Spouse
Dash of Cheer Copy Cat

For 2020
Shore Cardigan 
Crochet the button band (Mason-Dixon blog)
Crochet band tutorial

The Revised Knit, Cut and Sew book 1 and book 2 by Pam Turbett
The Art of Dryer Felting
Diana Sullivan’s smiles and frowns cast off
YouTube video showing the Australian and NZ cast on methods Ask Jack uses Marvel Mystery Oil and LPS1 and LPS Food Grade
Cathie’s CheckList for DBJ
Jerry Ritthaler’s DBJ in Eight Easy Lessons
Double Jacquard Methods by J&S Distinctive Knits
The Brother Techniques book is available on
Sleeve Caps, Armhole and Neck Shaping Tutorial given by Helga Guyot
The Art of Dryer Felting
Diana Sullivan’s smiles and frowns cast off 
The Importance of Being Well-Adjusted: Adjusting Your Machine by Scott Reno in Machine Knit America Mar/Apr 1996 issue
Machine Maintenance by Patricia Coulston
Make Your Knitting Machine Sing by Scott Renno and James Dixon
Marianne Henio’s How To Design, Write, and Convert Your Own Knitting Patterns - Instructional Guide for Hand and Machine Knitters
Principles of Knitting
Pamelacruse blog post about tuck stitch

Four interviews
Jenny Deters
Susan Adams

Rant: Unnecessary Ravelry comments
Rave: Frasier

What Would Ruthie Say
“Copernicus called and you are not the center of the universe.”

Mama Leone’s Chicken Soup
Pasta e Fagioli
Ina Garten’s Lemon Yogurt Cake
Cook’s Illustrated Salad (chicken, apples, pecans, cheddar,  cranberry vinaigrette)
Canning tomato sauce
Chetna’s chicken curry)
Sous Vide
Cranberry apple pie with the vodka pie crust from Cooks Illustrated 2007 Nov/Dec issue

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