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Hand y Machine Knitting

Welcome to the Hand y Machine Knitting podcast.

Whether you knit fast or slow, you'll find a new episode each month to inspire and motivate you to get some knitting done!

Mar 19, 2022

Episode 89 - March 2022

Interknit Machine Knitters Club
Truly Julie No Show Sock
Carol Scott at Machine Knitters Guild of San Diego April 2-3
Crankers Of Wonderful Socks July 13-17 find the group on Facebook

Sold a stripped down Knitting 5 star, Studio SRP-50, tools, books, patterns, calcuknit, color changer, knit leader, magazines, intarsia carriage, cone winder, old DAK cables, machine manuals, etc.

Hand Knitting
Pyramid pillow by Vivian Høxbro 
Nalu Mitts by Leila Raven

Machine Knitting
Sparkly Top - a copycat pullover sweater designed with Design A Knit software

Things I might knit:
Origami Cardi FT-165 from Frog Tree
Transformer scarf shrug by Susan Lazear
Shore Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hog
Breton sweater
ballet wrap sweater 
One, Two, or Three-yarn Asymmetrical Vest by Sally Melville

Machine Knitting Deal or No Deal on Facebook
Seams to be Seen by Angela Gordon
Find stuff by tidying up.
Don’t crowd the tool caddy for finding the best price for mailing items

Sew What?
Two piece dress with a crinoline (!)

Rant: They made us change the clocks again
Rave: US Senate votes to do away with changing the clocks

I use MSG and am not ashamed.

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